10 Best Voice Recorder Apps for iPhone

  • Di_Oki

    Quick Email Voice is also an elegant, cost-effective option: http://www.iamazingapps.com/products/iphone/voice

  • Wim

    If you are looking for the recording app that starts recording the fastest, then you should choose "Instant Audio Record" (http://itunes.apple.com/app/instant-audio-recorder/id417262884?mt=8). This app starts recording as soon as the app opens and saves you precious seconds (you don't have to press a startbutton). if you need to start recording asap (like when your baby says her first words), Instant Audio Record is the app you want!

  • CD17


    any advice on what to use if interviewing and want to transfer recording from iphone onto laptop — where i want to be able to slow it down to make transcribing easier


    • KellyG

      I load itunes voice memo files into express-scribe and use an infinity transcription foot pedal

  • shiori2525

    You can use Voice Memos (default app of your iphone I guess). You can transfer the recorded files to your pc using itune by syncing music. Check Selected playlist, artists,… and check "Include voice memos" After you sync your iphone with your pc/mac, the playlist named "Voice Memos" will show up and you can drag the file to the pc/mac. That's it.

  • jerry

    is there any voice recorder app that would be very great for a lecture and meetings.. like those that has a noise cut or canceling ambnt noise that way there would be a much clarity with the voice being recorded

  • Christian

    Is there any App with similar functions to a professional digital recorder (ex. indexing, record resume, record level, environment of recording, etc)?

    • Cyrus

      We have had success with Audio Memos and HT Professional Recorder. I am not sure they offer everything you need though

  • Liz

    I am looking for a recorder that can record a telephone call. I interview people over the phone for an internet radio show and I find that Skype isn't always clear.

    • Susan

      I am looking for the same thing you are. Please let me know if you find one. Thanks.

  • Gus

    What I’m looking for is an app that is good for recording live music (so it has to make high quality recordings), in a setting with ambient noise (so it has to have a noise reduction feature), and if possible- some EQ/editing capabilities would be grand (nothing too fancy unless there’s a great tutorial cuz I’m not a sound engineer)… Oh, and if it could record in stereo and be optimized for iphone 5= major bonuses!!! Anyone got any suggestions??

  • Robert

    Is there an app that I can use the iphone to record a meeting and then print to text?

    • You can use the new Rev Voice Recorder. It's free to record, save, and share your audio, and it's easy to order a transcription (voice to text)

  • Claire

    I am looking for an app to record my voice as I walk-need to record thoughts for writing later. Useful if can transfer to computer for editing.

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